C. Sage Dames


C. Sage Dames

Sage Dames is the receptionist at LAE, the first to greet clients on the phone or at the door. They enjoy welcoming clients, being the central dispatcher and supporting the amazing work of the legal team.

Born in San Francisco, Mx. Dames and their family were evicted and displaced during the tech boom of 2000. In 2011, Sage returned to SF as a young adult, becoming a dedicated activist in the realms of housing, food, environmental, and educational justice. They organized with the Save City College Coalition while attending night classes and working as an educator in various settings.

Mx. Dames volunteered as a bilingual tenant counselor with the Housing Rights Committee during the pandemic and received recognition from the office of supervisors prior to joining LAE. They earned a BA in Political Science with high honors from San Francisco State University.

Believing that the pursuit of justice takes many angles, Mx. Dames is also a community artist, musician, spiritual leader, and proud foster parent! They hope to one day be an attorney and join the fight from inside the courtroom.

Additional Languages: Spanish, some Italian, some ASL

Pronouns: they/ them/ theirs