Sponsors 2021

Building strong partnerships to serve our city's elderly and adults with disabilities

LAE is privileged to work with San Francisco’s legal community, housing advocates, senior centers and government agencies dedicated to ensuring dignity and independence of elderly and disabled residents regardless of economic or social circumstances.

Government Supporters

The City and County of San Francisco

Department of Disability and Aging Services

The Mayor’s Office of Housing & Community Development

The State Bar of California Legal Services Trust Fund Program

The State Bar of California Equal Access to Justice Fund

Community Supporters

Legal Assistance to the Elderly thanks the following donors and funders for their support from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

LAE Heroes ($5000+)

Adobe Employee Community Fund
Menorah Park Community Impact Fund

LAE Justice Advocates ($1000-$4999)

Cecilia Denmark

Dean Preston

Gregory Corvi

RPC Sheet Metal and Gutters

Mairi McKeever and Chuck Lewkowitz

The William L Price Charitable Trust

The Hilltop Foundation

Leonard Johnson and Sheila Hembury

Richard and Victoria Zitrin Foundation

LAE Allies ($500-$999)

Kathleen Reed

Katie Danielson

Donna Rowles

Kathi Pugh and Josh Maddox

Edward Ilumin

Benevity Fund

Linda Haumant

Law Office of Matthew Brinegar

Centro Cultural De Servicio

J. Scott Weaver

Don Willenberg

LAE Friends ($250-$499)

Will Rostov

Marcy Adelman

Caroline and Roger Purves

Jean Turk

Richard Edwards and Rachel P. Williams

Tom and Barbara McCarthy

Sheila O’Rourke

Law Office of Amanda L. Ebey

Marc Janowitz

Ashley Gau

Plutarco Cardoza

Stacey Gray

Richard Wellins

Ernesto Sanchez

LAE Supporters

Steve Courtney

Mauro Tumbocon

Kiera Zitelman

Bacilio Mendez

Stephen Ogden

Ray Walsh

Robert Helman

Esther Tahrir

Karen Fishkin

Roslyn Rhodes

Arnold Evje II

Kathleen and Dennis Cabral

Joanne Blokker

Anna Mantell

Carolyn Weinberger

Daniel Piccinni

Matthew Hollister

Bessie Woo

Carolina Cruz Santiago

Charlie Sciammas

Barbara Corff

Caitlin Fitzpatrick

Victoria Rau

Julia McGarry

Christine Zupanovich

Tim Hallahan

Community Health Charities

Richard Wellins

George, Helen, and Christie Short

David White

Toni Denmark

Mary Counihan

Jeremy Koo

Peggy Tsujimoto

Roy Earnest

Sue Hansen

Beth Krackov, Ph.D.

Brian Schusterman

Robert Rusky

Gregory Finkelson

Tara Donlan

Barbara Tatum

Stephen Boles

Judith Levinson

Ed Chiera

William Hirsh

Laura Chiera

Amazon Smile

Carolyn Weinberger

K.M. Mayeda

Corey Losee

Stephen Boles

Michele Drohan

Danielle and Tim Adams

Marshall Bentley

Judith Levinson

Tom Wishing

Phyllis Kaplan

Roger Levin

Andrew Petrazzuoli

Susan Wilde

Christina Nieves

Connie Brandon

Agatha Hoff

Richard and Karen Eatinger