Black Lives Matter

We are outraged by of the death of George Floyd and systematic abuse that has led to this national call to action. We are inspired by the voices in the streets. In our work we see the effects of state violence and the epidemic incarceration of Black America, and how these impact Black seniors. Black seniors are also victimized by police, but we see that when young Black Americans are murdered and incarcerated in mass, Black elders, particularly grandmothers and mothers are left to nurture and support their families while they are being systematically denied access to healthcare, housing and economic opportunities. 

Our work is largely working with individual seniors, advocating to protect a home, to ensure an income, for relief from denials of medical care and to protect them from abuse.  But we recognize the problem is the unjust and heartless system.   

As we join the calls to end it, we are also looking at ourselves and our organization to see how we can do better. 
We are ready to work.  We are ready to meet this moment.  

Black Elders Matter
Black Lives Matter