COVID-19 Eviction Protections

Eviction Moratoriums

Learn more about how you can be protected, and what you need to do.
(This information applies to tenants of all ages.)

You may be protected by the local eviction moratorium. For more information, please go to or the San Francisco Rent Board website, 

Additionally, there are statewide protections on evictions due to Covid-19-related nonpayment of rent. For more information on those protections, please go to 

If you are a tenant in a unit that is not covered by the San Francisco eviction moratorium or the statewide protections, and even if you are, the CDC eviction moratorium may apply to you. Currently, the CDC’s new moratorium applies to counties and territories where COVID-19 community transmission levels are substantial or high, and is in effect through October 3, 2021. It is subject to extension or rescission based on the course of the pandemic in a particular county/territory. You may find further information at the CDC’s website, 

Rental Assistance for Covid-19 Related Loss of Income

For help paying back rent accruing between April 2020 through March 2021, apply for the State program at The State’s program provides up to 12 months of assistance. 

For help paying back rent accruing beginning April 2021 and thereafter, you can apply for San Francisco’s program, which provides up to 6 months of assistance. To get information and/or apply for San Francisco’s Covid-19-related rental assistance, go to this website, Apply to get help with your rent | San Francisco (, or fill out the San Francisco Rental Assistance Application ( directly. 

Please go to regularly for updated local information regarding eviction moratoriums and covid-related non-payment and rental assistance information. 

Questions About the Moratorium?

If you are a senior or an adult with a disability, contact Legal Assistance to the Elderly at (415) 538-3333.

For others with questions, contact a tenant counseling agency:

Housing Rights Committee
(415) 703-8644
(English, Español, Русский)

Causa Justa
(415) 487-9203
(English, Español)

Chinatown Community Development Center
(415) 984-2728
(English, 广东话 , 国语)

This page was last updated on August 31, 2021.